Those who are dead, are not dead...

they're just living in my head...

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What a crazy world.
Apparently, for the past two years, I've only come and posted on here when I was sad and single. Wow. It chronicles a few of my missteps.

I've dated my best friend and broken up with him in this time frame. That was last winter. Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day. That ended bad, though we have come full circle back to being friends again - he's moved to Wisconsin and is dating my best friend.

Speaking of Wisconsin - I did buy my horse. And he is wonderful. Shadow is hard headed and adorable and he teaches me every day.

But I am no longer sad and single ever. I have found someone who is my other half. He perfectly balances me out. He is the left brain introvert to my right brain extrovetness. He keeps me sane and supports me everyday. I love him. He bought a house on the more inconvenient side of the water for him, just for me. He's my Mike.

Oh that note. In less than two weeks I'm moving. Holy crap.


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